Resolve demand, improve performance and reduce complexity

Reduce OPEX and keep up with demand, delivery & service. Control and govern a multi-vendor, cross-technology network with surgically accurate elastic-SON™ (Self Organizing Network). Deliver optimal performance when & where it is needed.

Bwtech SON

The user-centric network, utilizing big data and insight value-drive son

Cellwize is a pioneer in using Big Data analytics as input guiding its SON solution.
Define business goals and priorities, offer superior and personalized services to the right subscribers, when they need it, wherever they are!

Fast, very fast, lean. Stable & Transparent and easy integration

Overcome challenges of managing and controlling a multi-vendor, cross-technology network. Our SON (Self Organizing Network) comprehensive layer of RAN modules seamlessly interconnects with your system to ensure superior optimization results.

Bwtech SON