Real-time capacity allocation at application layer and at cell level

The Vasona SmartAIR1000 is a pioneering edge application controller. It intelligently enables mobile operators to enhance subscriber quality of experience (QoE) without having to undertake expensive and complex upgrades of raw capacity. The SmartAIR1000 integrates openly between a mobile network core and its radio access networks (RAN). From this key position, it assesses subscriber sessions from the crucial perspective of precisely when and how congestion occurs in each cell, along with the characteristics of all applications and media at that point. When congestion occurs, the SmartAIR1000 dynamically and seamlessly manages capacity to intelligently allocate bandwidth according to each session’s requirements.



Insight into mobile network performance and user experiences

Vasona SmartVISION is a software suite for analysis of RAN behavior and the effect on mobile customer experiences. Deployed in the NOC, it has a centralized view of how each cell sector performs in terms of latency, congestion and subscriber QoE. SmartVISION imparts visibility network-wide and within each cell in real-time, and also performs insightful historical analysis on trends including diagnosis of deteriorating conditions. The suite facilitates monitoring and managing SmartAIR edge application controllers deployed in a network. SmartVISION’s comprehensive view of each cell is unparalleled, enabling operators to assure best experiences, enhance network performance, and gain control over investments in upgrades and expansions.