You receive the best in class product, outstanding flexibility, and fully tested solution that meets FEMA requirements and your budget.

TCS provides a fully integrated end-to-end WEA solution that authorities trust. With over a decade of proven performance, our WEA platform allows carriers to interface with FEMA’s Open Platform for Emergency Networks (IPAWS-OPEN) which in turn enables authorized government authorities to send a geo-targeted emergency alert message through the wireless network.

As a member of the TIA and ATIS standards bodies, TCS has been actively involved in WEArelated standards working sessions since January 2008. We are an established WEA provider with multiple mobile carriers nationwide and our solution has been FEMA tested and certified. You benefit from our field hardened emergency alert and wireless public safety platform, which was engineered for seamless integration between arriers and the Federal Alert Aggregator.

WEA solution built on years of experience

Bwtech Wireless Alert

We realize that each operator has unique needs and we provide both hosted and in-network implementation to accommodate. For a hosted solution you can take advantage of our best in class cloud based model which is designed to minimize deployment timeline, costs and resource requirements.

Our hosted solution is operated in our secure, geo-redundant TL 9000 certified Network Operations Center (NOC) that supports WEA, sms9-1-1 and e9-1-1 services. Our NOC was designed to remain in operation regardless of weather or seismic activity. The TCS carriergrade NOC has 99.999 percent (“five nines”) availability and extremely fast fault-recovery times—on the order of 50 milliseconds.

If you prefer an in-network solution, our 25 years of experience with operator networks is critical to delivering high quality and quick integration, without impact to your existing services. TCS experts will configure and test the required equipment, prior to shipment to your data center, to reduce the onsite integration time.