Bwtech services

Bwtech services offers wide spectrum of network design and capacity planning services that include among others:

Site design support, from macro cells to small cells, from simple indoor solutions to complex distributed antenna systems.

Rollout support with traffic density maps from geolocation tool.

Automatic cell planning using Atoll.

Advanced LTE and HSPA network simulations, e.g. using Monte Carlo simulators.

Traffic modelling for multi-layer networks and capacity planning for network expansions.

Intra and inter-frequency neighbour planning, physical cell ID planning, scrambling code planning, frequency planning.

Bwtech services include short, medium and long term optimization contracts:

Short term assessment services

Collect performance and configuration data from your network – this may include RF assessment with geolocation tool.

Perform data analysis, identify overshooting cells, areas of poor coverage, areas of high interferences and potential improvement areas.

Medium term performance optimization services

Perform assessment and agree on optimization targets.

Find root causes of KPI issues and propose improvement solutions.

Implement solutions and monitor KPI improvements.

Long term assurance services

Perform assessment and agree on target KPI thresholds.

Take optimization actions to achieve agreed KPIs including geolocation based optimization.

Maintain network assured under the agreed KPIs and keep it optimized for agreed contract duration.

Bwtech also offers multitple tailored optimization services, for example:

Short term gelocation based physical optimization.

Detect overshooting cells and cross-feeder sites using geolocation and/or drive tests.

Neighbour optimization.

Intelligent rollout: precisely suggest locations for new sites, indoor solutions, small cells, wifi offload and LTE rollout using geolocation.

Multi-layer traffic handling strategies.

Monitor network performance, especially data rates, traffic volume and success rates.